• Solid gold VS gold filled

    With so many terms to describe gold jewellery, it can be confusing to know exactly what you’re buying, the value of your pieces and how to look aft...
  • Independent VS chain store

    If you want to control the quality and budget of your ring and design a custom piece of jewellery, skip the chain stores. Choose a jewellery designer, and create a beautiful, personal statement of love.
  • Garnet Gemstones

    There are many different myths about the origins of garnet.
  • Diamond VS Moissanite

    Firstly, WHAT is Moissanite ?

    a stone that looks like a diamond that it has become the most popular alternative!

  • Professional jewellery cleaning

    The item of jewellery is first emeried. Emery sticks and small abrasive wheels on a flexible drive are used. All scratches are removed and an even ...